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  1. Samar Mokhtar

    I was 3 😅

  2. Socorro Hernandez


  3. Teddypro

    Hanging out- GffyudyfchgvfyjtfjytriytdftWOOOOOOOOH

  4. Trajce Crvenov


  5. Claudia Mendez

    ✅ ☑️ ✔️ done

  6. Beth Sharp

    I subscribed and liked at the same time but I clicked the bell separately

  7. greg martin

    I would. Be happy I love alligator 🐊

  8. Mystery Masked Girl

    No one Literally no one Jeremy:(as a baby) swears and asks for a girls number 😂 Lol love you Brent

  9. Misa Arellano

    There was a vid were mason said get 500k likes u and peirson have to go in a honey moon

  10. Gabriela Ramos

    Done bone bone bone bone bone bone bone bone bone bone bone bone bone bone bone bone bone bone bone

    1. Gabriela Ramos

      You are my favorite can you guys get me a iphone 6

  11. Maya Webb


  12. sapphire aldana

    Compliments for Alex if he is funny nice and he is the cooler twin :)

  13. Mason Johnson


  14. Lisa Milward

    I thought misses claus was old

  15. Fun with Shane

    LEXI SMELLS lol brice

  16. Vedanth Mangu

    That mitochondria being the power house like the party got me😂😂😂😂

  17. Rosanna Manzer


  18. Vaishnavi Vatti

    *this video showing up in my reccomended* me: WHY WEREN'T YOU HERE 8 YEARS AGO also can we please talk about his hair 😂

  19. Tenzin Choeyang


  20. Ashley Fontanella

    I think both of you guys were really good

  21. Brent Keamy

    When ever you do one of my fav songs I like it and keep on doing it

  22. Madyson Rogers


  23. Harvinder Saini

    Done 😍😍

  24. Midari


  25. Claudia Mendez

    Wait is this a prank right pls tell me

  26. Monika Kilian-Sztejenka


  27. Rosanna Manzer


  28. Lilly Rowe

    done done done done done done

  29. destinys storys

    Done done

  30. Wai Yin Cheung

    Guess what is my birthday m.. ..

  31. destinys storys


  32. Leo Pineda

    Meeee 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  33. destinys storys


  34. destinys storys


  35. destinys storys


  36. destinys storys


  37. David Bonilla

    2:44 isnt that his brother's girl friend?

  38. Kelli Vacirca


  39. happyhelai!

    “ jermey looks like he died 3 yrs ago” ☠️

  40. heidy and andrea gameing


  41. Christina Skaltsa

    Congratulations on 15 millions brentt i love youu ❤️❤️❤️

  42. Julian Da Costa

    Brent Rivera I have you on telegram cell number

  43. Kids now

    get better brent i love you

  44. Fun with Shane

    I don't have siblings....

  45. Caitlyn Mlostek

    I mean I’m in 4th so kindergarten LOL

  46. Fatima Salar

    Do more Music video

  47. Analia Carreno


  48. Quinn Lemon

    Lexi hs is a beast she tackled Mason

  49. Maia Austin

    what about online shcool will it work with online shcool

  50. Sylar Rogers

    My parents are SOOOOOOOOOO overprotective!

  51. OH HO I am Santa

    It's always heads 😆😬

  52. Kids now

    i hate your merch

  53. Sinead Whelan

    Your sister has the same name as me

  54. Albert Turcotte

    My mom is like brents mom

  55. E Sullivan

    Alan seem like he always want Brent girlfriend first Eva now preison

  56. Niles Chavis

    Just realized now during 2021 that Lexi was holding sum tears u could see it in her face I feel so bad

  57. Lilly Rowe


  58. Ayanna

    I can literally see his shirt peeking out

  59. RG_Ezu

    vanilla tastes like sh*t got me so good

  60. Kids now


  61. YB fantastic day

    Omg it has 1 million likes where’s the wedding

  62. Vedanth Mangu

    Aww man anyone else wanted FRIENDS as the crush's dialogue?

  63. Aadhya Gupta

    Doneeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Love you Brentttt <3

  64. Infinityblades Forever

    Brent your mom is you

  65. Caley O Donnell

    Uhhh your fake mom is you omgggg wow and lexi is your sister and you have a real mom